Panama City Beach Fishing

Fishing the Slick For Speckled Trout

THIS IS A TEST BLOG POST. Tried out Slick lures for the first time today. Saw them for sale at Kevins Sporting Goods in Tallahassee and decided to buy a few bags to try. I grabbed the full size Mad Mullet and Croaker colors. One thing I really like about the Slick is it is very aerodynamic and will cast a country mile. I rigged the Mad Mullet Slick on a 4/0 Owner twist lock with 1/8 oz. weight. Sink rate is a little over a foot a second so you can work them pretty effectively over grass beds in 1′ – 2′ of water. Being what I would call a stick bait, twitching the bait is very important to get the darting motion that really triggers strikes. Its a bit like walking the dog