Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we depart from?

Depending on weather conditions, tides and time of the year, we will either depart from a couple of different boat landings on the north side of the bay system or from a private dock on South Lagoon Drive which is conveniently located on the Grand Lagoon.  This is one of the closest launch points to anglers staying in the 30-A area!

What do  I need to bring?
  • A positive attitude (most important!)
  • Lunch/Snacks (for yourself)
  • Drinks (besides bottled water which I provide). Sports drinks are good because it does get hot here in the middle of the summer and the heat will sap your energy on those calm days
  • Sunglasses - I recommend polarized brown/bronze lenses for maximum visibility for sight fishing shallow water.
  • Sunscreen - I recommend spf 30 or higher - you don't want a bad sunburn to ruin the rest of your vacation.
  • Hat - Wide brim works great.
  • Boat Shoes - Deck shoes or similar athletic shoe with light color non-skid sole (no black soles please).
  • Light Jacket - Even in the summertime the early morning ride out can be a little chilly. A rain jacket is perfect as you never know when a pop-up rain shower will roll through or we have a bit of side spray while running.
Please pack light as we are on a flats skiff where storage space is at a premium
What is provided?

I provide all the tackle, flies, lures, fuel, licenses, ice, and bottled water.  I use a variety of different manufacturer's rods and reels, but primarily utilize Shimano and Penn reels and Falcon, St. Croix and Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) Rods. This variety gives clients a chance to "test drive" different equipment in actual fishing conditions.

What type of bait will we be using?

I use artificial lures almost exclusively on my charters (and for my own personal fishing) instead of live/cut bait.  Lures are more challenging and require some degree of skill - but the reward and satisfaction of you tricking that fish into biting is worth it. Artificials will include topwater plugs (exciting strikes), jigs, soft plastic swim baits, spoons (redfish love 'em), etc. The flies we use are hand tied by me - although you are certainly welcome to bring your own "magic" Redfish pattern. I will provide guidance as to how and when to use a given lure.

I will occasionally have customers use live pinfish or shrimp certain times of the year when conditions dictate.

As I primarily use artificial lures on my charters, it is recommended that anglers have some experience casting and using open face spinning tackle.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Your safety (and mine!) is priority one. I will monitor the weather regularly starting the day before your charter and notify you as soon as possible if conditions look like they will deteriorate such that we need to cancel the trip (in which you would receive a refund of your deposit).  Delaying the trip an hour or two later will work out in some cases.  If we are out on a trip and the weather turns on us such that we have to return to port, I will prorate the charter fee for the time actually spent fishing.  In any case, I will make every effort to ensure your safety on the water and will work closely with you to figure out if we can make the trip happen.

Can we keep our catch?

Consistent with most inshore guides in the area, I strongly encourage catch and release for the health our our natural resources. I occasionally permit clients to keep a fish or two - usually in the case of a fish being hooked in such a way as to have a minimal chance of survival.

What restroom facilities are available?

We will be in a flats skiff so when we are out fishing it will be "au naturel".  There is a restroom available for use at the launch facility as well as an outdoor shower to rinse off with.

What happens if I drop a rod in the water?

Clients are responsible for damage to or loss of equipment.

Should I take precautions against seasickness?

Being seasick sucks - it's like a bad hangover times 10. However while fishing the flats and marshes of the bay system it is RARELY an issue. We will be in shallow water in close proximity to land. However, if you have a history of being prone to seasickness I highly recommend taking non-drowsy Dramamine the evening before the trip. There are several types of products available for the day of fishing, including pills, drops, patches, etc.

Will we catch a bunch of fish?

As much as I want to, I cannot guarantee what we will catch. I will provide a clean, modern fishing boat and top quality tackle. We will fish areas that have proven reliable in the past given the conditions. However, there are many variables in fishing, including weather, tides, barometer, moon phase, time of year, etc.  Remember the saying "It's called fishing, not catching".

One of the most important factors in our success will be a positive, optimistic attitude and willingness to have fun and enjoy all facets of the experience - the beauty, peace and tranquility of a quiet flat, the abundant wildlife in our area both above and below the surface, the excitement of casting to a sighted fish, the missed strike or lost fish, etc.  I commit to being a patient and humble guide and host who will work very hard to give you every opportunity to be successful.